Oct 1, 2021: It is with sadness that we report that long time Pa MUFON State Section Director Mark Zmigrodski (1960-2021) has passed away from lung cancer. Mark was an AT&T Fraud investigator who used those skills in his investigations. Mark closed over 100 cases and managed his Field Investigators in NW Pa. Mark will be missed and now knows the truths we have been searching for. . . .

 Oct 9, 2021:  
BREAKING NEWS: Oct 3 2015: Has the Kecksburg UFO Mystery been solved? Read the full story at “UFOs over Pennsylvania” by John Ventre at

There have been over 100 missing planes in the past 100 years. 30,000 people disappear each year in the US. Planes, ships and people do disappear. Abductions are real. Here are 4 examples: 

  1. December of 1945, five bombers from Fort Lauderdale took off and disappeared in clear weather. A large Martin Mariner was sent up to find flight 19. They disappeared also. Six planes and twenty seven crew “vanished.”.In 1953 General Benjamin Chidlaw said, “We have stacks of flying saucer reports. We take them very seriously when you consider how many men and planes we have lost trying to intercept them”.
  2. On November 23 1953, an F-89C Scorpion jet was scrambled from Kinross AFB to intercept a UFO. On radar, the 2 merge and the jet and its 4 member crew vanish.
  3. Oct 21 1978, Melbourne Australia pilot Fred Valentich radioed in that he saw a shiny elongated object with four lights and that, “It is not an aircraft”. His plane then disappeared and no debris field was found.

LIFE BEYOND EARTHBy John Ventre; posted in Tribune Review Nov 18 2013In the Nov 5 article by the Associated Press entitled “Life beyond Earth just got more likely”, I was taken aback by the studies co-authors comment that “If we aren’t alone then there is a deafening silence in our Galaxy”. The article went on to say that the Milky Way Galaxy has 8.8 billion earth-like planets and has more habitable planets than humans living on earth. I find it amazing that main stream media and science ignores the over 10,000 UFO reports filed each year with organizations like the Mutual UFO Network. NASA, SETI and our Defense Department will concede that there has to be life in space but won’t admit it is already here. Every Roper or AOL poll that I have seen reports that 14% of Americans have seen a UFO and 3% believe they have been abducted. That amounts to millions of witnesses or victims if they have experienced abduction. In the Tribs daily poll last week, six of seven respondents said they believe in UFOs. MUFON has 75,000 UFO reports on file with pictures, video, radar, and sonar and witness testimony. This is the same type of evidence that would hold up in a court of law. I believe the more pertinent question is why won’t our Government disclose the truth regarding UFOs? Is it about acquiring the technology or is there a more sinister explanation to “Their” motives on earth?

Pennsylvania State Director John Ventre Defends MUFON
On April 9, 2011, Joedy Cook was a guest on th Para X show. He spent a great deal of time making derogatory remarks about MUFON. Although he made multiple attempts to refute Mr. Cook on the air, Pennsylvania State Director John Ventre was unable to get on the air to refute Mr. Cook’s claims.
On April 15, 2011, Mr. Ventre appeared on the Visions broadcast to counter Mr. Cooks remarks. Here is the link to that broadcast.
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