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John Ventre: Penn, Del, NH, Maine State Director (724) 420-5363 Email: John Ventre
Fred Saluga:  West Virginia State Director, Regional WPA State  Director,  Email:
Wayne Gracey: Ass’t State Director, Legal Advisor           Email: Wayne Gracey Bob Behanna: State Section Dir,   Section 5                     Email: Bob Behanna
Bill Weber:  Chief Investigator:  States of:  PA / DE            Email : George Medich: State Section Dir,  Section 6  Abductions Email: George Medich
Sam Colosimo: State Section Dir,  Section  7                    Email: Sam Colisimo
Jennifer Stein: Conference Coordinator                             Email:  Jennifer Stein TBA, State Section Dir, Section 8
Donna Luther: State Section Dir, Section 1                      Email: Fred Lane: State Section Dir,  Section 9                         Email:
Julia Weiss: State Section Dir, Section 2                           Email: Jim Krug: State Section Dir, Section 10                           Email:
Dan Medleycott: State Section Dir,  Section 3                 Email Dan Medleycott John Weaver: State Section Dir,  Section 11                     Email: John Weaver
Fran Iannitto: State Section Dir,  Section 4                     Email:                                                                                                    CLICK ON MAP TO VIEW

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