Philadelphia Area Conference

Oct 9-10, 2015  

All tickets are will call and non-refundable


John Ventre:

Anderson Cooper and the Case for UFOs

This is a 90 min presentation highlighting cases and
documents that prove UFO’s are real. The presentation
includes the history of UFO’s,
and the Vatican’s and US Presidents views on UFO’s.

John is on the MUFON Board and is the Pa State Director for the Mutual UFO Network.

John is the author of the novel’s “An Alternative History of Mankind”, “UFOs over Pennsylvania” and “Apophis 2029”. John has appeared on the Anderson Cooper show, UFO Hunters, UFOs over Earth, Hanger One and Alien Mysteries series.


Dr David Jacobs:




Mike Bara:

Ancient Aliens, the ET Question



 Paola Harris:

Back to the Future: Legacy of Giant Rock

Tadd Buffington:



Richard Dolan:


 Jen Stein: Gobekli Tepe