Philadelphia Area Conference 10th Anniv. Oct 27-28, 2017


Meet members of the “Hangar 1” cast

 Private dinner and cocktail hour with speakers

Dinner music provided by Doug and Eileen Flor

Travis Walton, Col Charles Halt, Bill Birnes, Steve Mera, Ben Moss, Tony Angiola, Larry Arnold, Jeremy Ray, Fred Saluga, Bill Weber.


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col-halt photo Bill Birnes
Stephen Mera- The Phenomena Project.

Honorary Advisor and Partner of Zohar Entertainment Group

UK Consultant for PSI Applications U.S. Phenomena Magazine: CEO –

Author of: A-Z of the Unknown / Strange Happenings / Paranormal Insight & Co-Author of The Rochdale Poltergeist: and The House of Fire and Whispers: Founder of the Scientific Establishment of Parapsychology (Est 1996). Chairman of MAPIT – Manchester’s Association of Paranormal Investigation & Training (Est 1974):

Associative Member: Unifaculty of London Member: Office of Metaphysical Parapsychology International TV & Radio Host, Freelance Journalist, International Lecturer & Head Tutor of the British Investigators Training Course. Phenomena Magazine – Official Sponsors of International events & conferences.

Official Spokesman for Fox TV series ‘Outcast’: , Onwinges Productions ‘TRAVIS’, Hammer Productions ‘The Quiet Ones’: , The Other Land of the Gods documentary: and the Erich Von Daniken Legacy Night – Bafta 2016:

Executive Producer: The Erich Von Daniken Legacy Night.

Host: Phenomena Project:


Ben Moss and Tony Angiola- Socorro: An Investigation from the Inside out. Ben Moss is Mufon’s Chief Field Investigator in Virginia. He and Tony were co-hosts on The History Channels Hangar 1 show. Ben, along with Tony Angiola, will be speaking about the Socorro case using new evidence, official internal Air Force Blue Book files, and files copied directly from the National Archives. Ben and Tony have spent 100’s of hours meeting Ray Stanford, the original NICAP investigator allowed on the Socorro site just after this 1964 incident and a friend of the late Dr. J Allen Hynek, Project Blue Books UFO expert.


Larry Arnold, Spontaneous Human Combustion, This is a difficult topic for most of us to deal with.  It is so easy to judge these reports on face value as impossible and not true. Yet after looking at the police reports, crime scene photos and first had experiences presented in this remarkable presentation I am sure you will be as stunned as I was when I learned the about the detailed research Larry Arnold has done. We are thrilled to be hosting special guest Larry Arnold.


Travis Walton- Fire in the Sky.

Driving home after a day of clearing brush in the forest, Travis and six other lumberjacks come upon a 40 foot disk hovering silently over the crest of a ridge. As if spellbound, Travis Walton jumps from the passenger side, running towards it for a closer look. That decision November 5, 1975 would change him and these loggers for the rest of their lives. The 21 year-old logger from Snowflake Arizona disappeared for five days, igniting a firestorm of controversy aimed at the logging crew who were the last to see him in the forest.  Travis will present an in-depth power point lecture about his experiences, his book and his research from the past 40 years of living with the truth. Travis Walton’s 1975 experience has been documented in a 93-minute documentary of trauma and transition when a mysterious beam of light strikes him unconscious – or dead. TRAVIS, a new film by Jennifer Stein combines new and archived interviews with the logging crew, police, and the polygraph examiner.


Colonel Charles I. Halt- Rendlesham.

Former Air Force Col. Charles Halt was deputy base commander at a joint British/American airbase, RAF Bentwaters, in 1980. Halt saw a disc-shaped UFO directing beam of light down to the ground near him. The Rendlesham Forest incident of late December 1980 occurred shortly afterwards, and he was an important witness to events on the second night of sightings. Col. Charles Halt, who, in December 1980, was the deputy base commander at joint British/American airbases, Bentwaters and Woodbridge, in the Rendlesham Forest in England. Over the course of several nights, UFO activity was high at the base, including reports of unidentified objects near the nuclear weapons storage area. Donald Moreland, the British Liason Officer, pressured Halt to report the UFO incident to Britainâ’s Ministry Of Defence. Eventually, on the 13th January 1981, Charles Halt typed a memorandum and sent it to the MOD with a covering letter from Moreland. The memorandum first surfaced in June 1983, after a Freedom of Information request from CAUS (Citizens Against UFO Secrecy who were only aware of Larry Warrens story at the time. When the document was finally released, CAUS forwarded a copy to one of their investigators, Robert Todd, who we assume began circulating the document. The Ministry of Defense never replied to Halt’s memorandum.


Saturday Banquette Key note speaker.

William J. Birnes, the publisher of UFO Magazine, can was a regular on weekly series, UFO Hunters on History.Birnes has written and edited over 25 books and encyclopedias in the fields of human behavior, true crime, current affairs, history, psychology, business, computing, and the paranormal. He is the co-author of The Day After Roswell, which was a New York Times bestseller in 1997, and subsequently a documentary on The History Channel. Birnes is a frequent radio and television talk-show guest, having appeared on “Good Morning America,Dateline, NBC, Entertainment Tonight, Coast to Coast AM, UFOs in Russia, USOs, Underwater Submersible Objects, and Black Box UFOs. His previous cable feature, The Rivermana”based on the book he co-authored with detective Dr. Robert Keppel about how serial killer Ted Bundy helped police track Green River Killer Gary Ridgwaya was broadcast on A&E in September 2004. Birnes other cable documentary, on A&E and The History Channel, was The Haunting of the President, based on his and Joel Martina’s book of the same name. His title Black Dahlia Avenger, recently sold to New Line, is currently in development as is his title Life in the Balance by Billy Sinclair at Karmic Studios. As a television producer, Birnes first cable feature was When Husbands Cheat for Lifetime Television with Hearst Entertainment Television. Among his books are: Worker in the Light with George Noory, Space Wars with William Scott and Michael Coumatos, The Grisly Business Unit with Robert Keppel, The Killer Next Door with Joel Norris, Signature Killers with Joel Norris, The McGraw-Hill Personal Computer Programming Encyclopedia, When You are the Headline with Robert Irvine, and Selling at the Top. Birnes is currently completing two criminology textbooks: Signature Killers, with Robert Keppel, Ph.D., and Mass Murderers with John Liebert, M.D. He holds a law degree and received a Ph.D. from New York University in 1974.


Bill Weber, former CI and State Director for MUFON PA will present:

MUFON Case 47,000.. a mid-air collision ??

This presentation is an actual ongoing MUFON case which started off as reported object(s) in the sky and turned out to almost result in a mid-air collision. This event occurred back in 2013 over the greater Danielsville / Allentown PA area.  Actual radar tracking is shown to reveal the actual collision paths, as well as the approximate size of the unknown.


Fred Saluga is the Pa and WV MUFON State Dir. and will lecture on Conspiracies. Fred is a former Police Chief in SW Pa.

Speakers subject to change. All tickets are will call and non-refundable.