West Chester, PA – January 1988

My live-in girlfriend at the time and I were on January 15 1988 driving west southwest between West Chester Pa and Marshalltown Pa on route 162 around10 pm on our way to a party in Downingtown Pa.About a mile outside West Chester while coming over a crest of a hill i could see approximately 1/2 half mile away what looked like 3 small red lights in the sky they caught my eye immediately because i could tell that they were hovering in one spot.I pointed the lights out to *(Name deleted–CMS/sg)and she seen them immediately because from our initial viewpoint they were almost directly in front of us. I knew immediately that something was because in my early twenties i had taken a proximately 5 airplane flight lessons in small planes and knew a small plane cannot stay stationary .*(Name deleted–CMS/sg) and I continued driving and got closer to where the lights were we could distinguish that the three lights seem to be a black triangle with the three red lights at each edge.

We rode to a spot approximately 400 yards to the right of the object,we stopped the car 50 feet right before a little bridge that runs over a part of the Brandywine creek.The object was also directly over the Brandywine creek and tree line a place i had known and fished at maybe 100 times since my childhood.*(Name deleted–CMS/sg)and I exited my car and stood on route 162 for about 5 minutes watching the object.After about 5 minutes the three lights rotated very slowly clockwise and started moving to about 200 yards to our left and about 100 yards in the air.Kim and I both said we thought we seen a black triangle with three red lights,the sky was clear and beautiful that night.The craft slowly headed back toward West Chester flying over farm fields along route 162.We got back in the car and turned the car back going east north-east on route162 back toward West Chester Pa.

We could clearly see the object we heard no noise from it the whole time,it was moving very stable and smooth very controlled it seemed.We rode for the 3/4 mile until we had to climb the small hill that from where we had first viewed the object but coming from the opposite direction when we crested the hill the object had completely disappeared before flying directly over my hometown of West Chester.We were baffled more because we were right behind the craft and thought we would be able to see it fly over the town but it now had completely disappeared from the sky.We continued on to the party in Downingtown pa,reaching there by 11pm.

When we got to the party we told several people and they all laughed.I was a little more perplexed by the event and at approximately 11-30 pm called from sister of my girlfriend the Pa State police barrack in Embreville Pa. which is on the same route 162 about 3 miles from where we seen the object.I was surprised to hear from the state police dispatcher that they had received about twenty calls before mine of mysteriously lights in peoples backyards in the area that night.Later that night after *(Name deleted–CMS/sg)and I had returned home and were in bed *(Name deleted–CMS/sg)told to me that she was scarred because from the time of her life from 8-15 she had seen small creatures come to her window and had seen bright lights in her yard many times.This is really strange because *(Name deleted–CMS/sg)grew up in a house that was 5 miles away on the same route 162 we had just witnessed the object on.

At the the time of the incident i was working in New Castle Delaware as an investment banker.MY office was in the same complex as Newcastle airport .I had cultivated a young aircraft engineer that worked in an office across the complex from mine as an investor and we became friends.My investor had told me previously that he was helping to develop the military’s top secret silent helicopters and that some prototypes of their technology were actually at New Castle airport.I related to the engineer my story,the engineer told me that at the distance that I had experienced the object that if it were his helicopter that we would have heard it,yet we experienced no sound even while outside the car and no atmospheric disturbance at all

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