Pennsylvania – July 1997

It was like a spinning top but the bottom not pointed, lots of multicolored lights.lots of see through windows at top. At least 15 or 20 aliens unlike the standard look, they were half human and half standard look, full bodies, beautiful looking creatures all moving about and communicating what ever,all had the same light colored outfits and all the lights constantly moving,all windows seem to be moving or turning separatly from the bottom. The bottom then had a long yellow light dropping to the ground and a small stepside Ford or Chevy pickup lowered slowly to the ground and disappeared over the hill ahead an dthe ufo then disappeared. I followed to find it and could not find it, but at the bottom of the hill daylight stunned me and it was 630 am. I don’t know where the night went.

Erie, PA
Erie PA Conference

Erie, PA

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