Lewisburg, PA – December 2010

I had the dog out in my back yard around 10:30 PM. I looked to the east and saw a strange looking orb like object heading west. The top 2/3’s of the object was red while the bottom 1/3 rd was orange in color. It looked to be about half as high or a bit less than a passenger jet would fly and from my prospective, looked to be about the size of a basket ball. The object covered roughly two miles in a minute or so and all of a sudden came to a complete stop in the sky. It remained in this position for 30 to 45 seconds and then changed direction and headed north. I watched for about another minute until it went behind the clouds and I could no longer see it. There was NO sound at all from the object as it was completely silent. I’m 62 years old and this is the first unusual sighting I ever had!

Erie, PA
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Erie, PA

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