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We were a few yards past the steps, when something hovering around a thousand feet over the ocean simultaneously caught our attention. At first this object, lit only by one solid white-light, remained motionless; quietly hovering above the water. Gene and I both pointed toward the object at the same time, astounded by the strange spectacle before us. We began sprinting towards the ocean to garner a
better look, as we shouted and pointed in disbelief.

Neither of us had a clue what this object could be. It was not a weather balloon because its altitude was too low. Not to mention, weather balloons are not intelligently controlled, and this object clearly was. About two or three minutes after we motioned towards the object, it started moving and traced a flight path directly overhead.

Both of us stood perfectly still, slack-jawed and wondering what may happen when it passed over us. I felt a twinge of fear but mostly it was pure excitement that coursed through my body. When it did pass over us, Eugene and I noted that it was making absolutely no noise. We literally heard not one single sound that could help us identify the object as a plane, helicopter or anything else. As the object flew overhead, it veered slightly to the right. As this was happening, Gene pointed out another very similar object several blocks south of our position. This one was also flying east to west. The flight pattern was virtually identical to the first object.

Before we had much time to analyze the second craft, a third seemingly appeared from nowhere. This one was flying south to north, making a wide westward arc. Its flight pattern was roughly perpendicular to the first two objects and still we heard no sound coming from any of them. Finally off in the distance we heard the loud roar of a military jet; possibly an F16.

I must note that the jet made its appearance on the scene much later than the first three anomalous objects. That is how we knew the object that passed directly overhead was not making noise.

If the jet engine roar had been present earlier, it would have been impossible to tell if it was in fact silent, or simply muffled by a much louder engine. The ocean was also very quiet that night which allowed us to hear (or not hear) the first object.

Gene and I agreed that the jet pilot seemed like he was scouring the area searching for something. The plane kept circling around, never maintaining the same flight-path for very long. Neither Gene nor I had ever seen anything like this and I don’t know about him, but personally I thought I would never see anything like it again. I couldn’t have been more wrong, though.

During the next six and a half years, I routinely watched the sky; hoping for another glimpse of what I saw years before. Eventually, I had all but given up. There was usually very little activity, and eventually I lost interest. I could never have known the things I was destined to witness. Yet, I may never have witnessed them, if I had not been prompted by some good old fashioned, “television intervention” to pay attention once more.

My interest was finally rekindled, when the UFO Hunters T.V. show started airing on The History Channel a few years back. I love to learn so in addition to research, reading and writing, I also watch more than my fair share of educational TV shows.

On the other hand, I am not a fan of other similar channels, such as National Geographic and the Discovery Channel. I have found that quite often, those two television stations are pursuing ulterior agendas meant to manipulate public sentiment about a given topic. My ingrained inclination to dig deep and learn all I can about something has turned up more than a few indiscretions on their parts.

The History Channel’s programs are fairly reliable for the most part. However, I normally avoid their shows dealing with supposed paranormal events and activity.

This is because typically, these types of shows are unduly biased and seemed more intent on manipulating viewer opinions, than presenting the subject as they would any other; with reputable Historians and solid information based soundly in fact. Yet, the UFO Hunters was indicative of an entirely new approach.

No longer was there a bunch of “talking-heads” whose testimony is based around historical sightings and out-of-date research. This time a team of three investigators, balanced by their ranging points-of-view, personally examine a particular aspect of the UFO phenomena. The team interviews witnesses, conducts experiments and takes videos and photographs to be professionally analyzed.

Two of the team members are certified UFO investigators. One is extremely knowledgeable and intelligent, but still a little over-the-top with his theories and ideas. The other investigator is also skilled and intelligent. His investigations and experiences have led him to the conclusion that there is a lot more going on in relation to UFO’s than many would have us believe. Just the same, he is not quite sure what is going on; just that something is going on. He remains skeptical of everything until he sees significant evidence to the contrary. Although, when he does come across such evidence, he is perfectly willing to alter his opinion. I certainly can relate to that.

The third team-member is a scientist whose job is to keep the team grounded and based in scientific fact. The amazing thing about the scientist is that, during the first few episodes, it is obvious he thinks that all UFO sightings can be explained away. As the first season progresses, more and more, the scientist is left with many ominous unanswered questions. By the end of the first season, he had investigated so many unbelievable incidents, that his scientific sensibilities appeared threatened by that
which he could not rationalize.

I had never seen a UFO program based on thorough, unbiased investigation techniques like this; especially since they yielded a wealth of new evidence and scientific data. So much in fact, that I decided that it may be a good idea to start paying attention to the sky again. I am sure glad I did.

One thing that watching UFO Hunters did for me, was to provide useful information about the various types of truly unexplainable airborne phenomena. This along with my already fairly sizable knowledge of theoretical physics and astronomy enabled me to better determine the differences between the normal and abnormal. So began the most amazing journey of my life.

At first, I did not see much that was out of the ordinary. I was momentarily taken aback by a bright light in the sky, but I referenced an astronomical chart and it turned out to be Venus. There was not much activity at all, to be perfectly honest. That would change soon.

At night, I started seeing low-level aircraft flying all over the place. At least they appeared to be planes….at first. It was March 2009. I live in Cape May Courthouse NJ and I was driving home from class via the Garden State Parkway. Before going home I was going to the local Arby’s to pick up three of my friends. After I pulled in the parking lot, I got out of the car and walked over to the entrance to let my friends know I was there. On our way back to the car, we spotted a bright lighted object, flying toward us at low altitude.

We all noticed the object at the same time, and none of us thought it looked ordinary. We stood outside my car and waited for it to fly overhead. It was moving rather slowly so it took quite awhile for it to pass over us. When the object was about 5/6th of the way there, we could tell it was not making any sound and looked like it was traveling alone. However, when the object was almost directly above us, we noticed a second, smaller object flying behind it at an upwards, diagonal, forty-five degree angle. These two craft were flying so closely to each other, that one wrong maneuver could have resulted in an in-flight crash.

The reason we could not see the second object until it was nearly on top of us, is much the same reason that only one star in binary star systems is visible to the naked eye. The second star is so much smaller and less luminous than the first, that only if one has a powerful telescope, or can travel close enough to the star-system, will the second star become apparent. Knowing that is true and knowing that
that the first object was no brighter than the second, means that it had to be a great deal larger.

As if what we saw was not strange enough, there were at least a dozen other objects flying around that suspiciously looked like the one that passed by. I immediately wondered if those objects also had a far smaller object tailing them, as well. We saw them everywhere we looked the entire drive to where my friends live, but it only got crazier when I parked my car and we got out. I immediately looked
up to my left and there it was; a solid white lighted object not far off in the distance, hovering quietly, looking very familiar. Its appearance precisely matched the object I’d witnessed many years before. Like then, we had seen several similar objects in size and luminosity. Both sets of flying objects were also closely approximated in size and the time of night which they appeared.

By now my friends were starting to get visibly shaken, but not me. I’ve found these experiences fascinating and beneficial. Besides, whatever we were seeing was making no hostile movement toward us and it was obvious to me that we had no reason to believe we were in danger. Whatever was hovering in the distance, finally started flying toward us. It flew overhead, but curiously made no sound at all. As soon as the object flew by us, we saw another craft of some sort flying by.

This time it was only lit up by a red strobe-light. The object appeared to be shifting position very rapidly, almost instantaneously. It was the first time I witnessed something like this, but it certainly would not be the last.

The next night, I was with the same group of friends. Again, what we saw the second night was quite similar to the first. We were in a place called Wildwood Villas and once more we spotted a hovering object lit only by a single solid white light. These low altitude objects continued to make sporadic appearances, and after the first two nights I decided that I should probably file a report with MUFON (Mutual UFO Network). I was going to file it after the first night, but I put it off in case something
else happened the following evening. My intuition was on target, and after night-two, I spent a significant amount of time writing a thorough, detailed description of what my friends and I witnessed.

At first, it seemed like my report was taken seriously. Only two hours after I filed the report, I received a call from a woman who identified herself as a member of MUFON’s,” Star Team”. I researched the name and found that they were an elite investigation unit, equipped with sophisticated scientific and forensic technology.

They are employed and paid for by a private aeronautical research facility named “Bigalow Industries.” Bigalow Industries is one of the leading opponents of NASA, and are seeking a way to subvert the government-funded space agency. Obtaining physical evidence of genuine UFO activity would certainly qualify in that regard.

The lady asked me some basic questions and said she would call back. When she called the second time, she said I was being referred to the local MUFON investigator, whose office is only 5 miles from where I live. This is when I began to realize that my report was being dismissed without any investigation on MUFON’s part whatsoever.

The local investigator immediately pointed to flares as one possible cause for what my friends and I saw. That was an amusing supposition because flares don’t hover one minute and fly overhead the next. Flares don’t have a single red strobe-light, flashing rapidly as the object appears to be traveling great distances, almost instantaneously. I cannot be certain what they are, but flares are one thing these
objects most certainly are not.

By then, I had begun my research in earnest and was aware of what has been dubbed, “The Great Hoax,” which took place only weeks before, in Morristown NJ. Here is where flares were supposedly used, and the videos taken, show objects that acted much differently than what I saw. My research revealed some powerful, albeit circumstantial evidence that points to the hoax as possibly government funded; or at the very least, government encouraged. Why, would the government do this?
The answer is very simple.

Often times, when unexplainable phenomena occur in publicly recognizable fashion, American intelligence agencies seek to mislead the masses and manipulate public sentiment. This has been shown over and over, in relation to “crop circles,” for example. I came across an interview with one of the top crop-circle researchers in the world, Colin Andrews. This is the man who helped codify the criteria that
researchers still use to identify authentic and hoaxed crop circles.

Andrews was coerced into becoming part of a covert CIA led mission to accomplish two things. The first goal was to lure other reputable crop circle researchers in by supporting them with money, feeding them disinformation, and then encouraging said researcher into publicly tipping their hand. Once that happens, the CIA is in position to easily discredit the researcher, defaming him or her into being
ridiculed and ultimately disgraced. The second goal is to deceive the public about crop-circles and their possible origins; claiming that even the most complex designs can be created by human hands, with little trouble at all.

So, it was no surprise when I learned that one of the champions for disclosure, The UFO Hunters on History was lured to Morristown right before the sighting was exposed as fake. As soon as the overzealous Bill Burns; leader of the show’s investigation team, claimed that there is no way the sighting could be a hoax, it was revealed to be one. The show was almost immediately canceled, and the events
leading up to the show’s cancellation closely mimic the CIA’s actions overseas.

I have often wondered; is it mere coincidence that the state chosen for the Morristown Hoax, NJ boasts a great deal of authentic unusual activity? For, because of that hoax, it appears as though UFO investigators are quite reluctant about taking any NJ UFO report seriously. That begs the question of whether or not NJ was chosen to divert public attention away from what is really going on.

After filing my first and only report with MUFON, I continued witnessing things that I still find hard fathom. Last summer, there was one week in particular where I saw something out of the ordinary, almost on a nightly basis. The week kicked off with one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen. I would never have believed it was not my imagination, if after I saw it, I did not find other sighting reports from people in close proximity to where I live.

It was around 11pm and I had just returned home from work. I parked my car in the driveway, but instead of going inside right away, I decided to sit on my car’s trunk to smoke a cigarette and watch the sky for awhile. As I said earlier, I live on a small dead-end street, lined on both sides with one-story houses. Across the street and slightly to my left is an area of three or four, rather tall trees that are closely bunched together. In the driveway was one white Ford Crown Victoria. I was only sitting there for a few minutes when a bright flash of light caught my attention from my vision’s periphery.

I turned my head to the left, and to this day I am still awestruck by what transpired. Appearing out of nowhere was a brilliant beam of white light. The beam was thick and looked very similar to an energy blast from one of my favorite shows growing up, Dragon Ball Z. The beam’s visual width was two or three feet, and the visual length was anywhere between twenty-five and fifty feet. The “beam” appeared just above the aforementioned group of trees, flew either in-between or in front of them and
made a beeline straight for my neighbor’s lawn. Just before the light-ray hit the ground, it leveled off and vanished just before it would have made contact with the Crown Victoria in the driveway.

This beam of light was so out of the ordinary that it took my brain about a second to register what I had just seen. After that, I screamed, “WHAT THE F*** WAS THAT. I stood in my driveway for at least forty minutes afterwards, hoping for a repeat performance and trying to find a rational explanation for what I saw. Eventually, I chalked it up to being my imagination.

I mean giant, purposefully directed energy beams don’t exist, right? How could I have actually seen what I thought I saw? It was so unbelievable that despite the fact it occurred less than a hundred feet from where I stood and despite my observational talents, in my mind there was absolutely no way it really happened. That is until a few months later, during some preliminary research, I found at least two reports with descriptions that closely matched what I saw.

The witnesses who filed these reports were much further away from the phenomenon, than I was. They described what they saw as “an intelligently controlled meteor.” That sounds about right, and I imagine if what I saw was not so close, I may very well have described it exactly the same way.

However, it was not the descriptions that compelled me the most to reconsider my first inclination that what I saw was imagined; rather it was the artist depiction. The illustration that went with these reports (lumped together based on their similarities) showed exactly what I thought I saw. It showed an object flying on a downward inverted arc and leveling off just before it hit the ground. So perhaps my eyes and mind were not playing tricks on me. Along with extremely similar descriptions, the
times and locations were also alike. However, what I did not know was that this was only the first of several incredible visual displays, all occurring within the same week.

As if to remind me of my sanity, the next sighting came along while I was on break with my coworker, DJ. Last summer, we were both wedding servers at a well known hotel in Cape May New Jersey, named Congress Hall. It is a very taxing job, so breaks come as frequently as our work permits.

One evening while at work, only a day or two after the energy beam incident, I took a cigarette break. No one else was caught up with their work, so this time I was by myself. Out of sheer boredom and curiosity, I decided to take a glance up in the sky. After all, what I saw only a couple days prior was still fresh in my mind. It was before I knew others had seen the same thing, so I was still wondering if I imagined it. Moreover, I certainly didn’t expect that the first incident was only act one of a weeklong light and air show; with act two momentarily about to commence. Epcot has nothing on this week.

It had only been a minute or two after I looked skyward, scanning the area for anything out-of-place, when directly above me I spotted a trio of what I thought were “stars” begin moving around in different directions. My cigarette was finished by this time, so I made a mental note about what I saw and went back into work.

Little did I know, that when I returned later with my coworker, those three “stars” would be overshadowed by something far more spectacular; and if you ask my coworker, particularly unsettling, as well.

As soon as DJ and I started walking to the employee smoke-area, I said, “Hey do you see those stars? They’re not really stars. Watch, they are going to start moving.” Sure enough they did, but as I said, that was tame in comparison to what came next .Out of nowhere, I saw what I can only describe as horizontal, flashes of light. It almost looked like a miniature lightning-bolt, which traveled horizontally instead of vertically. Yet, there were no clouds around anywhere for miles. Some of these light-flashes were no higher than gutter on the hotel roof, and actually noticeably closer to us. These were accompanied by light flashes similar to a camera’s flash, though it is unclear if the two were related.

After the first flash, I said to my coworker, “Did you just see that?” He said no he didn’t, but thankfully I got his attention turned in the right direction, because then he saw it too. We agreed on what we were seeing, and conversed about what it could be. I was unafraid, but DJ was noticeably shaken. I don’t think he ever saw anything even remotely like this before, and he seriously considered telling our boss he was sick and wanted to go home. That is how much it affected him The most astounding thing for me is that, as far as I could tell, not one other person was paying any attention at to the free airborne entertainment. How is it, that something so obviously extraordinary could go so utterly unnoticed? If I could ever answer that question, it sure would go a long way in explaining the reason that I seem to be just about the only person in my entire county who is even aware that things in the sky are amiss.

Fortunately citizens from other counties in NJ are paying attention. Months later, I turned up a UFO report made by another New Jersey resident from Pittsgrove; only this person got what he saw on camera. It was a chance discovery. I was not specifically looking for reports that match my own experiences, but through sincere serendipity, reports matching my own descriptions seem to turn up quite frequently. This one came with a photograph depicted precisely what DJ and I had witnessed, first-hand. The satisfaction I felt when I saw the photo was immense and validating. Below is one of the photographs, and the resemblance to what my coworker and I saw is surreal.

I finally accepted that I am not crazy, and that whatever I am seeing is not part of my imagination. I’m not certain about what’s causing these strange occurrences; just that they’re occurring.

A cynic may say that I am simply searching for and paraphrasing UFO reports filed by people who live relatively close by. Yet, in nearly every instance I have witnessed these objects before I ever knew that anyone else had seen them too. I do not crave attention. In fact, I shy away from it whenever possible. I am merely a curious human-being, who has a burning desire to find answers. Night after night, I’ve
watched things that many deem impossible, and it is in my nature to want to know more.

As if this particular week wasn’t strange enough, the following night there was even more shocking activity in the sky. This is another sighting that took place at my house, and definitely ranks up there as one of the strangest. I began to wonder what the reason for these sightings could be. I am well aware that most people go their entire lives and never witness anything that could be classified as a UFO. To this day, I am perplexed by not only the objects themselves, but the frequency which they occur; although a nasty side effect of that fact is that it can possibly take away from my perceived credibility in other’s eyes.

On this night, I was having trouble sleeping. So around 1:30am I went outside to smoke a cigarette. Much to my amazement, to my left (North West) and only visual centimeters above the tree-line, I saw an ENORMOUSLY bright object hovering in the air. It made no sound, it did not move and for the next ninety to a hundred and twenty minutes. I watched the object awestruck by its size and brightness. It was reminiscent to descriptions of “The Star of Bethlehem,” in the Bible.

On a side note I believe in God but I am not a Christian. However I have studied the Bible as an embellished historical document. One that cannot be taken at face value, but nevertheless holds many clues about how people lived in the ancient past and how certain biblical events relate to the world today. So when I saw this “star” shimmering brilliantly in the sky, and as close to the horizon as could be without descending out of view, the first thing I thought was that it looked an awful lot like illustrations of the Biblical star that supposedly led the three wise-men to the newborn baby Jesus. Below is an accurate portrayal of what I saw that night. The only difference was the “star’s” position in the sky. What I saw was much lower along the horizon and at least appeared much closer to where I was standing. Oh
and I am pretty sure there weren’t any Sheppard’s or sheep on my neighbor’s lawn that night either, but other than that, this illustration is very close to what I saw.

I knew it was not a star, because stars where I live don’t even come close to matching this objects luminosity. It was not a planet either. I know this for two reasons. The first reason is that this object twinkled. Actually “pulsated” is a more accurate description. Either way, planets don’t do that.

The second reasons I knew it couldn’t be a planet is because the five planets that can be seen from Earth all travel along the same orbital plane, called the ecliptic. (My astronomy teacher would be proud to know I was paying attention!) The ecliptic is an imaginary line in Earth’s relative view of space that planets do not travel below; at least as far as their visual orientation is concerned.

So what the heck was it? That much I cannot answer, but what I do know is that it stayed for almost two hours in the same exact spot. I finally went back in the house, but still couldn’t sleep. Around 4:30am, I went back outside to smoke another cigarette and for another look. The object was no longer in its original position by then.

However, it was still in the area. It moved from a great distance from its position Northwest to Northeast of where I stood. Even a planet that is constantly changing position in the sky could not possibly have traveled this far in such a short amount of time. The brightness and altitude both appeared exactly the same as before and it still made no movements whatsoever. When I went back inside, I finally got some sleep and by morning the object was gone and yet another off the wall sighting was over.

Although this strangest of weeks was not quite over. Two nights later, the sightings continued but this particular evening was not nearly as awe-inspiring; though it still was rather odd. Directly above my house, is a major flight path that a variety of planes and helicopters travel along. Most of what I see taking this route is normal for the area, but once in awhile something passes overhead that looks noticeably out-of-place.

On that night, out-of-place is definitely the term I’d use to describe a trio of strange airborne vehicles. Well actually only two out of the three looked peculiar, the other one was more on par for the area. The first object that passed overhead was at very low altitude. This is the one that looked normal.

The object only had a single white light illuminating it, and it was not flashing on and off like a plane would. However I could hear an engine of some kind on board, and that is typically something that points to a craft of terrestrial origin.

Though the aircraft was moving very slowly and in the time it took to pass overhead, two more objects, each with higher altitudes than the last, overtook the first object and zipped by it at high speed.

The second object had a red strobe light, flashing very rapidly. It looked very similar to the object with a red strobe-light that I’d seen with my friends’ sometime earlier.

Before I could reflect on this, one more object that was much higher up in the atmosphere, flew even faster than the first two objects. This is hard to fathom considering that the third object was probably close to the boundary between the stratosphere and space. Its altitude was so high that for this object to appear to be moving so fast, it had to be moving at an incredible velocity. What was even more
incredible was what this object looked like.

It was clearly triangular in shape. The three sides were lined by solid neon white with a blue tint, making the entire object very easy to make out. In the objects center, it also appeared to have another neon light. The only dark spots were located around the areas that a triangular shaped aircraft would probably position its landing gear. In fact, many incidents involving triangular-shaped UFO’s, such as the
UFO that landed around the U.S. military base located in Rendleshem Forrest England, have left depressions in the ground that matched the soldiers’ description of the craft’s tripod landing legs.

A few weeks later, I found a NJ sighting report about a triangular shaped UFO, spotted flying over some power-lines. The report came with an illustration that fairly accurately portrayed the triangle that flew over my house. I’ve included the depiction below.

The one major difference between the drawing above and what I witnessed is the neon blue color that radiated around the triangle’s perimeter. Other than that the dimensions and general shape are quite similar. However, what I saw seemed to have more symmetrical apparatuses along the bottom, as well.

So ended one of the most amazing weeks I’ve ever had. Slowly but surely, my research combined with my multitude of personal experiences was leading me down a path of discovery and wonder. It would not be very long until I saw something new.

On this next occasion, my endless hours of research gave me a good reference point when I saw another triangular aircraft fly overhead. However, this one was far closer to the ground than the first. It was heading south to north over the air-traffic lane that passes directly over my house. It took me a few seconds to analyze its shape and size, but when I did, I noted the triangular shape, the oblong nose and irregular shaped back end, two lights on both sides of the rear, one visible directly under the nose and a fourth one right smack in the middle. I immediately recognized it as something I researched. Usually I don’t find corroborating reports and photographs until after I witness it personally, but by this time, I had done so much digging that it became far more likely for that to happen. Anyway, it looked a lot like this:

The only difference between what I saw and this photograph is the color of the four lights along the bottom. The craft I saw had lights that were white but there seemed to also be an odd tint to them and appeared somehow distorted, as well. I can’t say for sure, but I don’t remember hearing an engine, which would be very unusual for any aircraft; especially one that is flying so low to the ground. I saw a similar object once more after that, but it is not the only object that’s returned for an encore.

About three months ago on a clear night with excellent visibility, the phenomena in the skies above my home continued when I saw star-like orb meandering around the sky very slowly. I say it was meandering because it had no discernable course. It was positioned just north of me, and the only definite movement it made was when it turned.

Yet, the turns were seemingly at random, and eventually the orb shaped object started fluctuating from bright to dim and back again. This continued for two or three minutes until finally it blinked out and disappeared. I don’t think it was a flare because it was the wrong color. Besides it clearly was controlled intelligently by the way it was turning and fortunately it wouldn’t be the last time it would appear near my house. Next time though the pilot added to the performance.

The “orb” appeared in the sky again about a month ago. I live with my grandmother so that I can take care of her; though for an eighty year old she is still fairly active. She went food-shopping and when she returned twenty minutes before dark, I came outside to carry in the groceries. My grandmother passed me going to the house as I was going to the car. When I got there I noticed another orb.

Unlike my previous encounter, there was still a significant amount of sunlight illuminating the sky. However the object’s characteristics were virtually identical. I watched the solid white light for a few minutes as it appeared to fly in my direction; only to repeatedly change course. Eventually, it began shifting from bright to dim the same way as before. However this time, there was an added twist.

I noticed my grandmother was walking back to the car because she forgot to bring something inside. I told her to hurry up and look at this object in the sky, but before she got there the bottom of the orb emitted some kind of tentacles, (like that of a squid) or possibly flames. I know it was hard for me to believe, too. I don’t have the slightest clue what was coming from the bottom of the orb. I simply know that it was something and what that something looked like. The phenomenon was colored red and displayed a twisting, winding motion, but it only lasted for a second or two.

I was completely astonished by what I just witnessed, and when my grandmother got within view of the mysterious object, very characteristically she said that’s just a plane! I told her that planes don’t stop in midair and project things from its underbelly or continuously change direction for no apparent reason. For that brief moment, I was not paying attention to the sky. When I looked up again, the object was gone as quickly and as silently as last time. My grandmother, ever one who revel in denial said it must have flown out of sight.

Ok let’s consider this for a moment. The object was so close to us that for it to fly out of sight on a cloudless evening, before the sun had set, on a night with excellent visibility and do so in a matter of nanoseconds, it would have to fly away at exponential speeds; far exceeding any known earthborn propulsion technology. It simply vanished despite the fact it was still before dark. Even if it had turned off
its lights, it should still have been easy to spot.

The third time I witnessed a similar orb shaped object, was a few days ago.

Strangely, only moments before it came into view, I was thinking about the last two times I saw something similar. It was around 10pm and there was a rolling patch of clouds, on an otherwise completely clear night, that must have concealed its movement until it was almost directly overhead. It was flying east to west again.
If it had remained on course it would have flown right over my house. The moment I spotted it, I said aloud, “Hey I was just thinking about you!”

As if on cue, the object began fluctuating between dim and bright and then disappeared. However, the object did not fly away. I could see a very feint red strobe light, which was nearly invisible. It was so dim that it was most likely something that I would have missed altogether if I had not already spotted the object. The UFO was so dim, that it was not long before I completely lost sight of it.

After all this, I still have one final shocking visual display to talk about. This particular
phenomenon occurs rather often, but most recently occurred in June 2010. I was facing north and looked over to my left (north by northwest of where I’m standing) and saw something flying in an extremely erratic fashion. It had a flashing white light on it that for the most part was in one second intervals; though the pattern was somewhat irregular. Every time the light would blink off and back on the object had moved an insanely long distance. But it wasn’t simply traveling forward. It was moving forwards, backwards, diagonally and side-to-side.

I’ll put it like this. If this craft had a solid light instead of a blinking light, the pilot was moving so fast that he could have written its name just by maneuvering. It is almost as though the flash pattern was set up to conceal just how quickly the object was traveling. Even waving a lit cigarette around very quickly at night creates a “trail effect.”

If the same phenomenon occurred on a much larger scale, it would probably be spotted by large numbers of people and create a substantial amount of chaos and confusion. By moving vast distances during the time in-between light flashes, the pilot’s movements appear less conspicuous. Only someone like me who is paying close attention to the sky would look at the object for long enough to realize just
how unbelievably fast it’s moving.

I stood there and watched for about 2 or 3 minutes as this object darted around the sky the same way an electromagnetic charge instantaneously jumps from positive to negative. The oddest thing is that the object should have passed out of view and if it was moving straight it would have. Instead, it was moving in every possible direction, but never the same direction for very long. Finally I just laughed and said to myself, “Show off!”

The skies have been quiet during the last couple weeks, but in the last eighteen months, these experiences have changed my life forever. It sparked my endless curiosity and the thousands of hours spent doing research ended up becoming expanded to include a wide variety of subjects that I would never have learned about otherwise. It has been the most amazing journey and it has had a profoundly
positive effect on the person I am today.

Yet, it is also a journey that still leaves me with many unanswered questions. Perhaps they are not meant to be answered. Perhaps it is the time spent trying to find the answers that is the most important. Just the same, my curiosity compels me to keep searching. So that one day, I may come upon the truth. Until then, I’m sure it will be one hell of a ride.

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