About Us

The Mutual UFO Network was formed in 1969. John Ventre is the fourth and current Pennsylvania State Director, taking over in 2007. The first three State Directors were Stan Gordon (1971 - 1993), Paul Johnson (1993 - 2002), and Wayne Gracey (2002 - 2007).

Pennsylvania is one of the highest UFO reporting states, with 312 reports in 2008 and 364 in 2009. You can read all of our current reports at our PA UFO Sightings page.

John Ventre prepares a training DVD at a recent meeting in Greensburg.
The state is currently organized with Bob Gardner as Chief Investigator; 6 State Section Directors, 20 active Field Investigators, and Roger Marsh serving as Director of Communications.

Ongoing field investigator training sessions are held during the year at three locations - the Pittsburgh, Reading, and Philadelphia areas.

Two fundraisers are held annually - both in October. One is held in the Philadelphia area and one in the Pittsburgh area.

These symposiums bring well known UFO and related speakers to these areas and provide much needed funding.

Donations are accepted throughout the year

Pennsylvania MUFON members have appeared in three network television shows on UFOs - "UFOs Over Earth" from the Discovery Channel; "UFO Hunters" and "Monster Quest" - both produced by the History Channel.

The state organization also has investigators from all walks of life, including pilots, law enforcement, military and communications experts. Many members also belong to ghost hunting and Bigfoot groups.

If you have an interest in UFO investigation, please contact our State Director - John Ventre.

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